Buy air purifier online | AirTamer A310- Personal Air Purifier

Buy air purifiers online to protect yourself from deadly air pollution. AirTamer A310 is India's first personal and wearable air purifier that helps you fight pollution everywhere and everytime.


AirTamer A310 - India’s most efficient personal air purifier works on advanced ionic technology in which two million ions are emitted per second from the tiny black brush at the top. The ions upon releasing get attached to the pollutants, viruses, smoke particles, dust, etc. and pass their negative charge onto them. Then those negatively charged particles get attracted to the positively charged surfaces around the user (chair, table, etc.) and a 3-feet spherical zone of clean air is created around the head of the user. It is a wearable air purifier that comes with a strap to be worn around neck and the user is supposed to place this perfect air pollution solution right above the chest. AirTamer A310 is the best air purifier in India for protection from air pollution for you and your loved ones. Unlike regular air purifiers with HEPA technology, it has no filter to be replaced or cleaned which makes it an extremely user-friendly device with zero maintenance. You can easily charge it with the included USB cable and its one-time charge lasts for 150+ hours. This personal air purifier is a must have as there is no built-in fan or motor that means it makes no noise. Its compact size, stylish design and portability make it highly useful for protection from viruses in workplaces, in public transport or areas with high pollution where other purifiers fail to reach/work.  You can feel the ions being emitted as it tickles when the tiny little brush on the top is brought close to your lips. There is a light at the back of the wearable air purifier that turns green when it is in cleansing mode and turns red when it is being charged. 


  1. Highly Portable- Wear this personal air purifier around your neck and carry it everywhere to protection yourself from air pollution. Its compact design makes it lighter and smaller than most mp3 players.
  2. Zero Maintenance- AirTamer works on advanced ionic technology and has no filters to replace to change like most of the air purifiers. 
  3. Power Boost Technology- It is the most efficient personal air purifier in India as it cleans 9 times better than the regular ones.
  4. Silent Operation- Almost all the air purifiers have a built-in fan or motor that makes disturbing noise. But AirTamer has no fun or motor hence it works silently. 
  5. Perfect Protection- AirTamer A310- a personal air purifier protects you from air pollutants, pollen, viruses, allergens, cigarette smoke, smog, etc. which makes it a perfect air pollution solution for everyone. It is highly recommended for people with pulmonary diseases like asthma, sinus. 
  6. User-Friendly- This wearable air purifier is extremely easy to use with the push of a button. Also, you can just easily charge it with the provided USB cable and can use it continuously for more than 150 hours.