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EQUA Smart water bottle


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Product summary

  • Smart Water bottle with LED light glow reminder.
  • EQUA glows when it’s time to imbibe water.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with EQUA app.
  • EQUA app monitors and calculates your daily water intake.
  • Compatible with iOS and android.
  • Made with high quality stainless steel.


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Weight and Dimensions

Product dimensionDiameter: 73mm Height: 250mm

Product Overview

EQUA smart water bottle- your handy and healthy lifestyle coach

Unlike any regular steel water bottle, EQUA is designed to make your lifestyle healthy by keeping you hydrated. Its design and size makes it easy to carry so you never forget to drink water.

EQUA smart water bottle

For your needs, by your needs.

EQUA- The smart water bottle monitors your daily water intake and helps you stay hydrated and zappy. It connects to your phone through an application that calculates and recommends daily water intake based on your personal characteristics and lifestyle.

EQUA smart water bottle
Rechargeable Battery
100% Leak-Proof
Bluetooth Connectivity
Water Tracking
Personalized Plan
Ice Cube Friendly Size
Led Light Reminder


EQUA smart water bottle sends you LED light glow reminders to ensure your hydration. The motion sensor technology tells you exactly when you need to take your next sip of water. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and uses the EQUA app to track your water intake.

The app is available on android and iOS app stores. In addition, the smart steel water bottle creates a personalized plan for your optimal water intake based on your lifestyle and characteristics. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel and comes with anti-leak and anti-slip technology.

One slow glow indicates that you are hydrated and water intake can be postponed and three slow glows to remind you that your body requires water at that moment. It comes with double insulated walls which keep the water hot for up to 12hrs and cold for up to 24hrs.

The rechargeable battery can be easily charged with the included micro B-type USB cable. EQUA is BPA free and comes with real marble or metal top and a metallic holder. It has a capacity of 23 oz and comes in a handy size (73mm diameter, 250mm height) which makes the smart water bottle perfect for sports, hiking, backpacking or commuting. It comes with a limited 1-year warranty.


Product name Equa Smart Bottle
Product Dimensions Diameter: 73mm Height: 250mm
Bottle Capacity 680ml / 23oz
Interface LED Light glow reminder
Connectivity Bluetooth
External power supply USB
Charge via USB Cable
Handle SS + PP Plastic
Bottle Quality: Stainless Steel
Tracker Bottom Anti-slip Silicon
Limited Warranty 1 years from the date of purchase


Comes with convenient features

It glows every time you need to take a sip of water: Once you're thirsty it's already too late. EQUA will make sure to send you regular reminders every time its needed in order to prevent your dehydration.

It connects with EQUA app: You're an individual and you need a personalised plan for your optimal water intake. EQUA app will do that for you and become your healthy lifestyle coach.

EQUA app calculates and recommends daily water intake: Based on your personal characteristics and lifestyle.

It tracks how much water you had: Once you start following your water intake you'll find that on the days when you reach your daily goal, you'll look and feel more energised.

The breathing feature helps you to calm down: With the help of EQUA app you can also shake that stress off and focus only on your breathing. Catching the right tempo of breathing will allow you to relax and stay calm during those busy days.

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