Apricorn's Aegis Family - Data Security at Your Fingertips

Data on the cloud makes it easily accessible from anywhere, however, that doesn’t mean it’s secure too. Hence, you to be more serious about the data you own.

Presenting Apricorn’s award-winning hardware-based USBstorage devices with 256-bit AES XTS encryption (designed and assembled in the USA) that act as the safest places on earth for your data!


The world’s safest hardware encrypted USB storage devices

Presenting Apricorn’s award-winning storage devices (designed and assembled in the USA) that act as the safest places on earth for your data!

Globalkart Software-Free Design

Software-Free Design

Completely cross-platform compatible, the Aegis Family products excel virtually anywhere– PCs, MACs, Linux, or any OS with a powered USB port.

Globalkart Super Tough, Inside and Out

Super Tough, Inside and Out

The products’ rugged, extruded aluminum casing and polymer-coated keypad make them crush-proof, dust & water resistant.


Independent User and Admin PINs

The ability to configure the products in User and Admin modes separately, make them the ideal devices for all kinds of businesses in corporate and government deployment.

Globalkart Independent User and Admin PINs
Globalkart Software-Free Design
GlobalKart One-Time Data Recovery PINs

One-Time Data Recovery PINs

In the event that a User PIN is forgotten, up to 4 one-time use recovery PINs can be programmed to permit access to the drive’s data.

GlobalKart Unattended Auto-Lock

Unattended Auto-Lock

Locks automatically whenever it’s unplugged from its powered USB port, and is further programmable to lock after a predetermined period of inactivity.

Globalkart Self-Destruct PIN

Self-Destruct PIN

The Self-Destruct PIN defends against physically compromising situations by erasing the key’s contents, leaving it in normal working order and to appear as if it has yet to be deployed.

Globalkart Apricorn

All This and More

  • TAA Compliant
  • Configurator Compatible
  • Redeployable& Bootable
  • Programmable PIN Lengths
  • Separate Admin and User Mode
  • Self-Destruct PIN
  • Unattended Auto Lock
  • One-Time-Use Data Recovery PINs
  • Crush-Proof, Dust & Water Resistant
  • 3-Year Warranty

Why Trust Apricorn for Your Data Security Needs?

Hardware that’s robust yet easy to set up

The devices do not involve anything to key log or to hack and have no involvement of a host computer in the entire process, from setup to encryption.

Functions just about anywhere

All products are flexible enough to work at places where even software-based encrypted devices don’t usually function, such as embedded systems, diagnostic machinery, etc.

No backlashes in terms of security

All data is encrypted on the fly and the devices’ PINs along with the data remain encrypted while the drive is at rest.

Great for use by all kinds of businesses





Our Product

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Frequently Asked Question

For older, non Configurator-compatible devices, in the event that both Admin PIN and any / all User PINs are forgotten, then it will not be possible to access and retrieve data from that device. The device can still be reformatted and set up with new PINs to be used again but all previous data will be erased from it. For Aegis Configurator-Compatible secure devices, there is a "Recovery PIN" feature that allows the Admin to configure up to 4 recovery PINs at time of setup which will permit access to the device's data in the event of forgotten User or Admin PINs.
Why doesn't my Aegis Secure Device show up when attached to older USB 3 ports? A very small percentage of computer manufacturers incorporate an ASMedia 1042 or 1043 USB 3.0 Host Bus Controller. Revision 1 thru 4 of this ASMedia chipset does not adhere to the USB 3.0 standard and is not compatible with Apricorn USB 3.0 products. If your computer was manufactured with one of these chipsets, you will only be able to use your Apricorn product on a USB 2.0 port. For troubleshooting purposes you can view the manufacturer of your USB 3.0 chipset by viewing the properties of your USB 3.0 controller in the computer's Device Manager, unfortunately the revision of the chipset is not displayed.
If you forget the User and Admin PINs, there is absolutely no way of gaining access to the data stored on the drive, there are no back doors into the drive. You will need to completely reset the Aegis device by following the directions in section 4 of the manual. By resetting all data stored on the drive will be inaccessible.
What if I forget my PIN on my Aegis Configurator-Compatible Secure Device? Answer:If you forget the User and Admin PINs, if you programmed data recovery PINs into the device at the time of setup, follow the directions to open the device using one of those PINs. If you did not program data recovery PINs into your device, data recovery will be impossible; there are no back doors into the drive. You will need to completely reset the Aegis Secure device by following the directions in section 4 and all data stored on the Key will be inaccessible. When the Aegis Secure device is reset the following will happen: * A new encryption key will be generated * The User and Admin PIN will be deleted * All the data on the drive will be erased * A new User PIN will need to be set * The Aegis Secure Device will need to be reformatted
Your Aegis Secure Key has a built-in rechargeable battery. If the battery is fully discharged you can still continue to use the product by following the instructions below: a) Connect the Aegis Secure Key to a USB port on any computer b) While the Key is connected to the computer, enter the User or Admin PIN to unlock the drive c) While connected to the USB port, the internal battery will automatically charge. We recommend you keep the drive connected for approximately 1 hour to fully charge the battery.
Yes. While it has not been Microsoft certified, it has been extensively tested and will work well for this purpose. To use this drive for booting, turn on the Lock-Override feature in the Admin Settings and verify that the drive is in read/write mode (not read-only).
The SSD in the Secure Key is operating at roughly the same temperature as the SSD you might have in your notebook or desktop computer. The Secure Key case is designed to dissipate the heat generated by the chips and keep them well within the range of their recommended operating temperature and pose no threat to the device or its contents.
The Signal to Noise Ratio through the USB cable drops dramatically over distance. Simply plugging the two devices into USB ports that are not immediately adjacent usually resolves the issue. if this doesn't resolve the issue, a USB extension cable may be used to further increase the distance between the USB3 storage and the wireless mouse receiver.
This problem only occurs with USB3 devices. Any USB2 devices can be used together without problem. Not all USB3 devices emit noise at the same ratio, and some wireless mice are more susceptible to the noise ratio generated by USB3 devices. All Apricorn devices fall well within the USB3 specification for allowable noise.
Intel has written an informative white paper that explains in detail the cause of the interference between USB3 devices and the 2.4GHz receivers. You can download the whitepaper directly from Intel.
BadUSB is a theoretical exploit that was presented by SR Labs at the Black Hat conference in August of 2014. SR Labs demonstrated a vulnerability in one USB device that allowed malicious code to be programmed into the USB controller through a firmware update process. The attack described is very sophisticated and in the case of Apricorn's products would require advanced knowledge of our USB controller, a leaked version of our firmware, the programming tool to update our controller, the password used for our programming tool, and an in depth understanding of the device's functionality, etc. According to SR Labs, the failsafe method to eliminate this threat is to simply disable the ability to update the controller's firmware. Many of Apricorn's devices shipping today, including all of our USB 3.0 security products, Padlock and Padlock Pro families already have the firmware locked which prevents field updates to the USB controller. As a continuous improvement, Apricorn is locking down the firmware on all USB controllers used in Apricorn devices to safeguard against this vulnerability. We recommend checking our website periodically for notices regarding BadUSB and Security Updates.